Rising on the blue mist
A cloud greater than digits
Shall summon the wretch
A goddess born immortal

Harness her purity
The diamonds radiate love
Sprout magic from the earth
A fairy tale in creation

Her heart incepts the juices
Her skin beaches the flow
Her hand narrows the fissures
A life time of worship

No end for the beautiful
A majestic cradle of moonlight
The wounds of war were fake
Enabled by her architect



Bulls race into the horizon
Fairies seduced to time
No rest for the younglings
Their flesh held behind

Inside the veins of Neptune
Still blood pressured in line
Guillotine every traitor’s neck
Their heads hoisted on pikes

No road leads to salvation
Only figments of the decayed
Consumed for perspiration
Their wits ground away

Emancipate the colors
Shadow the wrinkling graves
These dreams hang from above
Mutilate them in this bed



Sanya Singh

Art is Love. Art is Dread. Art is an Emotional Rollercoaster. Welcome to my Head.